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Join 3D CIC in leading the industry to the digital future through meaningful connections, thought leadership, and brand recognition.

3D CIC is a unique industry event that gets a bit better each year.
The close engagement with and among innovators from the manufacturing and software vendor communities represents a tremendous opportunity to gain and share new information and insights.”
Stephen Collins, Anark, 2019 Signature Sponsor

Sponsorships Signature CAD & Cocktails Event Lanyard
Investment $12,000 $8,500 $5,500 $3,000
Thought Leadership & Message Delivery
20-minute presentation during 3D CIC program
10-minute presentation to kick off CAD & Cocktails reception
Logo featured on neck lanyards worn by all 3D CIC attendees
Access to presentation coaching
Presence & Attendance
Sponsor table throughout 3D CIC event (6-foot rectangular)
Company registrations included 4 2 2 1
$100 discount on additional registrations from your company
Marketing & Social Media
Featured blog article
Attendee email addresses (opt-in)
Social media sponsor post boost
Promotional kit – social media posts, messaging, graphics
Recognition & Branding
Logo & sponsorship recognition in promotional materials
Sponsorship recognition on 3D CIC social media
Logo on event signage
Deadline to be included on signage is Friday, February 9th by noon MST.
Sponsor name badge recognition
Website listing
Branding in conference mobile app

“3D CIC is a unique mix of all the communities wrestling with MBE. That’s why we come back.
Geoff Foulds, Origin International, 2019 Event Sponsor

“The attendees are excited and empowered to bring MBE to their organizations. Getting in front of motivated changemakers is invaluable as a sponsor of the event.”
Joseph Lewin, CADENAS PARTsolutions, 2019 CAD & Cocktails Sponsor

“3D CIC is a small enough event that I have the opportunity to speak with most all of the attendees and vendors, allowing for personal engagement.”
Rosemary Astheimer, Purdue University, 2019 Event Sponsor

“On a personal level, what’s most exciting to me about 3D CIC is having the opportunity to spend a few days hanging out with a bunch of people who share a high level of enthusiasm about the topic of MBD/MBE. There’s always something that I can learn, whether it comes from attending a presentation or from a casual conversation during a break.

As a product manager working for a company that provides software solutions in the MBD/MBE space, I’m also excited by the opportunity to learn more about what companies need from their software tools to help them succeed in their MBD/MBE journey. The 3D CIC event is a great opportunity to catch up with a number of existing customers and prospects who are all gathered in one place.”

Raphael Nascimento
Raphael Nascimento
Product Manager, ITI
2019 Signature Sponsor

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