Are you ready to present at 3D CIC?

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or just getting your feet wet, we are here to support you in creating an exceptional presentation.

Create an engaging story-driven presentation using your subject matter expertise.  Even if your presentation is on the technical side, a compelling story will help solidify the concepts.

And that’s where our friend Theron comes in.  He is a storyteller and communications coach, with an extensive business background.

Working with Theron:

I look forward to hearing from you, Theron LaFountain

About Theron:

I am the ultimate dreamer and idea man. I started acting in High School (yeah that was a long time ago). Since then I have performed all over the world on stage, in television, movies and commercials.

I have a Masters from UNLV and a BA from Concordia, Moorhead in Business. What I realized when I was getting my MBA was that a lot of people knew about their subject matter but very few people knew about giving presentations and how to use theatre in their everyday lives. Infusing that story-telling element. That’s when I decided I would help consult individuals to create presentations that contain a little humor along with a great story. That’s why I became a communications coach. 

I have had the great fortune to work for myself, for others and for my community. I am here because I believe in dreams and I know how to make them come true.