The 3D CIC agenda is carefully curated by industry experts to present highly engaging, innovative, and industry-disrupting ideas, in a single track format.

Presenters will share how they are weaving the Digital Thread across a wide spectrum of organizations, challenges & lessons learned from real proof of concepts and/or pilots as well as key takeaways.

Please submit presentation applications by December 1, 2024.

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“This is a great conference to collaborate and meet people & companies to help learn from each other and share experiences. The speakers powerfully showcase their work to push QIF and MBE forward.”
Evan Kessick, GE Appliances, 2019 Presenter

Past Presentation Topics

  • Reducing the Digital Threat in Smart Manufacturing
  • Taking Down Thanos: A Smaller Company Conquering MBE
  • It’s All Fun and Games Until the Other People Show Up: User Experience Analysis for MBD Success
  • Journey to MBE Using MBD in the Plant and Supplier Quality Environments
  • How to Lose Friends, Miss Product Delivery Dates, and Throw Away Money
  • Trust the Digital Force: A QIF Story
  • The Agile Organization that Enables Digital Transformation
  • How the Government Uses Your Delivered Data
  • Are We Ready? Findings from the MBD Supplier Readiness Study
  • Who Do You Trust: Single Source of Truth
  • Product Design as a Downstream Process: Leveraging Model-Based Enterprise
  • Accurate Data Transfer for Telescopes and Amusement Rides
  • Organizational Challenges During the Air Force PLM Journey
  • Digital Journey Using QIF + 3D Scanning
  • Creating an Optimized Culture for Enterprise Accountability: Applying the Five Laws of Human Motivational Dynamics
  • Product Structure and Meta-Modeling: The Final Frontier
  • Capturing Product Behavioral and Contextual Characteristics through a Model-Based Feature Information Network (MFIN)
  • Animation is Worth a Million Bucks
  • Creating the Connected, Accessible, and Realistic Digital Manufacturing Process of the Future
  • Leveraging MBD with Cost Modeling
  • How to Author PMI for Really Big Boats
  • Empowering People with the Right Tool Set to Drive Enterprise Accountability for MBE
  • Comfy Paper Pillows are Smothering MBD

Past Events Hosted During 3D CIC

  • QIF Summit
  • DMSC Working Group
  • CAD-Specific User Sessions & Card Storms