Where will 3D CIC 2024 be held?

3D CIC 2024 will be held in Golden, Colorado, United States.

This year’s event is in a new, larger venue: Friedhoff Hall at the Green Center on the Colorado School of Mines campus.

What lodging options are available nearby?

For the full 3D CIC experience, we recommend traveling on the morning of Monday, March 4th (we have our kickoff CAD & Cocktails event Monday evening) and checking out on the morning of Friday, March 8th. View agenda.

Room blocks will fill quickly. Book early for the best rates and availability.

Table Mountain Inn

Southwestern charm in an adobo-style hotel with mountain views. Table Mountain Inn is the closest hotel to the venue.

+1 (303) 277-9898
1310 Washington Ave
est. 5 min (0.2 mile) walk to venue

All attendees can book at the government rate until February 2, 2024. Availability and price are not guaranteed after that date, so book early for the best rate!

Book Online: Click here to book online with the 3D CIC group code automatically applied.
Book by Phone: Call (303) 277-9898 and request 3D CIC group code.

The Golden Hotel

Overlooking scenic Clear Creek and the Rocky Mountain foothills with mountain lodge ambiance.

+1 (303) 279-0100
800 11th St
est. 8 min (0.4 mile) walk to venue

The Eddy Hotel

Upscale, boutique basecamp overlooking downtown Golden from the mouth of Clear Creek Canyon.

+1 (720) 442-8150
1640 8th St
est. 22 min (1.1 mile) walk to venue

What are some Golden local favorites?

Check out the 3D CIC team’s favorite eats, drinks, hikes, and more:


What is included in my registration?

All 3D CIC sessions and activities – including light breakfast, lunch, and CAD & Cocktails – are included in your registration. Please see the agenda for more details.

What is CAD & Cocktails?

CAD & Cocktails are connection opportunities with your fellow attendees and sponsors! Join us for beverages (both full- and zero-proof), light appetizers, and great conversations.

These happy hours are held on-site Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday immediately following the conference presentations.

What is the registration deadline?

You may register at any time up until February 26, 2024.

Is single-day or virtual-only registration available?

Only registration for the full in-person conference to be held March 4-7, 2024 is available. 3D CIC 2024 will not be streamed virtually.

Will presentation materials be available for download?

If permission is granted by the presenter, a PDF of the presentation will be made available to attendees after the conference. Not all presentations will be authorized for distribution or download.

Introverts unite! (Separately.)
How does 3D CIC support mental recharging throughout a multi-day conference?

Conferences can be a lot for introverts, people with social anxiety, or the neurologically diverse. We strive to create the space for a full range of minds and interaction energies to participate, both physically and mentally.

Venue: We are hosting in a space with plenty of room, both outside and inside, to take a quiet break without needing to leave the site altogether.

Schedule: We don’t schedule activities late into the evening, so people can go out in smaller groups or go to their hotels and rest.

Digital Q&A: No more raising hands or waiting in line – the audience can ask & vote on questions through the conference app or web browser.

LEGO Mural: One of our favorites! The mural is divided into squares, and participants can choose a guide sheet to complete their square base. This year’s mural will be in the back of the main conference space so folks can be in motion LEGOing while still listening to presentations.

2018 “Super Chicken” Mural

Volunteer Signup: Folks who prefer purposeful conversation to small talk can direct people to food, help with mural monitoring, etc.

Outdoor Access: There is nearby access to trails and nature within walking distance of the venue and hotels. We particularly like the paved Clear Creek Trail, downtown at Washington & 10th, for a walk or quiet moment.

Have another idea? Let us know – we’re open to suggestions.


What is the deadline for presentation applications?

Please submit presentation applications by December 1, 2023.

Why are presentations due prior to presenting?

3D CIC organizers review and approve all presentations for quality and formatting. If changes are needed, you will have time to revise your presentation. If permission is granted to share your presentation (as a PDF) with attendees, this allows the 3D CIC organizers to prepare the material.

How long does each presentation last?

Typically, presentations are scheduled in 30-minute blocks: 25 minutes of active presenting followed by 5 minutes of audience Q&A. Keynotes, panels, or other session blocks may be longer.

How does audience Q&A work?

All presentations are followed by audience Q&A. Your scheduled time slot includes both your presentation and the Q&A. Attendees will be able to submit questions via the conference app or web browser. Questions can be upvoted to indicate audience interest in a topic. A 3D CIC moderator will pose the questions to the presenter during Q&A.

How will I know when my presentation time is nearly up?

A 3D CIC organizer will hold cue cards up when there are 5, 2, 1, and 0 minutes remaining in your scheduled presentation time. Please be sure to look for these cue cards and be prepared to wrap up as you approach the end of your time.

Do presenters receive a discount on registration?

Accepted presenters receive a complimentary registration to 3D CIC. Accepted co-presenters receive a discounted registration ($995).


What is included with my selected sponsorship level?

Please see the Sponsorships table for full details.

What are the booth parameters?

The venue will provide a 6′ rectangular table for each sponsor and we will run power cords behind the booths as needed. Chairs are also included.

Sponsor areas will be marked on the wall for setup. Past sponsors have often used retractable banners; a backdrop up to 8′ wide will fit.

Traditionally, the sponsor setups have been fairly relaxed and individualized.

Can sponsors present during the conference?

Over the years, we have listened to 3D CIC audience feedback that end-user presentations are the most compelling. Therefore we limit sponsor presentations to only the pre-scheduled Presenting, Signature, and CAD & Cocktails slots.

Sponsors are welcome and encouraged to reach out to their customers or end-users who may be interested in sharing their stories.

How can I ship materials to Golden?

Please inquire with your hotel about options for receiving and storing shipped materials.

Table Mountain Inn: General policy allows for receiving packages up to 3 days before check-in. They offer complimentary storage for up to 5 boxes; additional storage or labor charges may apply to additional boxes. Please contact Judy Tincher and reference the “3D CIC” room block to confirm details and make arrangements.

3D CIC, Action Engineering, and the Colorado School of Mines venue are unable to receive or store packages.