2024 Presenting Sponsor – Action Engineering

We are excited to announce Action Engineering as Presenting Sponsor of 3D CIC.

We talked to Jennifer Herron, CEO.

What’s new at Action Engineering in 2024?

We are going to continue teaching CAD authors and engineers about how best to create 3D data for manufacturing activities such that the shop floor workers can utilize that information and make their human readability better, as well as leverage digital automation opportunities.

We are also going to double down on the support of standards organizations, and this means we’re going to be leading activities within the committees. We’re going to be uncovering gaps in the standards that need to be filled for 3D smart manufacturing and PMI activities. We’ll be writing pieces of those standards, and then we’re going to test that new language in the standards using real-world examples in real environments with the real 3D data technologies that are available today.

Once we do all that work, we’re going to update the standards, create training programs, communicate with the standards organizations, support them so that we provide clear and consistent technical data from the engineering part of the silo into the manufacturing activities.

That resulting data, really great 3D data, is going to be interoperable for automation opportunities, and it’ll be collaborative for shop floor workers.

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