Monday, March 3rd – Thursday, March 6th, 2025

2025 agenda will be announced as presenters & activities are confirmed.

Agenda is subject to change.

Past Presentation Topics

Wondering what to expect at 3D CIC? Here are a few presentation topics from past years.
As with everything in this industry, the conversation has evolved rapidly!

  • Reducing the Digital Threat in Smart Manufacturing
  • Taking Down Thanos: A Smaller Company Conquering MBE
  • It’s All Fun and Games Until the Other People Show Up: User Experience Analysis for MBD Success
  • Journey to MBE Using MBD in the Plant and Supplier Quality Environments
  • How to Lose Friends, Miss Product Delivery Dates, and Throw Away Money
  • Trust the Digital Force: A QIF Story
  • The Agile Organization that Enables Digital Transformation
  • How the Government Uses Your Delivered Data
  • Are We Ready? Findings from the MBD Supplier Readiness Study
  • Who Do You Trust: Single Source of Truth
  • Product Design as a Downstream Process: Leveraging Model-Based Enterprise
  • Accurate Data Transfer for Telescopes and Amusement Rides
  • Organizational Challenges During the Air Force PLM Journey
  • Digital Journey Using QIF + 3D Scanning
  • Creating an Optimized Culture for Enterprise Accountability: Applying the Five Laws of Human Motivational Dynamics
  • Product Structure and Meta-Modeling: The Final Frontier
  • Capturing Product Behavioral and Contextual Characteristics through a Model-Based Feature Information Network (MFIN)
  • Animation is Worth a Million Bucks
  • Creating the Connected, Accessible, and Realistic Digital Manufacturing Process of the Future
  • Leveraging MBD with Cost Modeling
  • How to Author PMI for Really Big Boats
  • Empowering People with the Right Tool Set to Drive Enterprise Accountability for MBE
  • Comfy Paper Pillows are Smothering MBD

Past Events Hosted During 3D CIC

QIF Summit

DMSC Working Group

CAD-Specific User Sessions
& Card Storms